Meet  The  Staff

Joel Travis, Volunteer Coordinator/Editor in Chief

How do you feel that music connects the world? Music emotionally ties people together; it can spark a conversation, ignite a passion, or simply, for nostalgia purposes, take you to a different time and place. No matter how far away someone may be, simply sending them a song “just because I thought of you” is so thoughtful and genuine. What if someone from states/countries away is listening to the same song, at the same time, toe-tapping to the same beat as myself; this is what I think about when I listen to music, and that’s a mighty powerful thing

Aline Dick, Operations Manager

Why is TIN inspiring you? This Is Noteworthy is an inspirational organization to work with. The  fundamentals of TIN encourage creativity, uniqueness, and striving to reach your dreams. This attitude transcends to the interns and the students who participate in the high school program.
What Is fun to you?  I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, and going to concerts.

Amanda Muirhead, Programs Coordinator

How do you feel musics connects the world? I remember the first time I cried listening to a song that didn’t have any words. That’s when I realized the power music has to connect us all. Someone put emotion into the song I was listening to, and although it may not be the same emotion I’m feeling, the emotion is there and felt. This is how I feel music connects us: everyone experiences emotion, and emotion doesn’t need words to be relayed, the music itself is enough.
What Is fun to you?  Deep conversations

Kendall Moore, Development Coordinator

What is most fun to you? Music has a unique ability to bring people together.  Whether it’s attending live shows or sharing new bands with friends, music offers people the opportunity to share emotions, experiences and differing perspectives with one another in a positive way.  It’s not uncommon to find me on Wikipedia researching new bands and their tour dates.  Then it’s just a matter of spreading the word!
Fun Fact: I’m mildly obsessed with Wikipedia (and milk)

Brandy Pruitt, Development Associate

How do you feel music connects the world? The power that music has to connect the world is incredible. Music is a language that anyone from anywhere on Earth can understand and relate to. Music is so universal that it has the ability to unite people from all over the world, from all walks of life.
Fun fact: Yannis Philippakis from Foals once kissed me at a concert. Does that count? Hahaha.)

Zach Ubaldini, Development Associate

How do you feel music connects the world? Music connects the world because of its infinite potential. Musicians, writers, and artists are always coming together to try and learn the next thing that pushes culture forward. This collaboration connects and advances music through that potential.
Fun fact: I say Hello to as many people as possible in a day. My record…168

Christina Corsino, Graphic Design

Fun Fact: I’m obsessed with sloths & Father John Misty. It’s not weird. You are.
How do you feel that music connects the world? There’s a special human connectivity formed through all art, but there’s something particularly revealing about music – for both the artists and listeners. It’s loaded with messages and emotions that can be uniquely interpreted. I find it very natural for people (band members and fans) to bond over the memories created during a live experience or even a conversation about music.

Yolande Woolheater, Managin Editor

What is fun to you? Traveling, eating things I’ve never heard of, reading 19th century novels.
Why is TIN inspiring? At TIN there is a diverse group of people with different skills, experiences, and interests getting together to create through their one commonality: a passion for music and everything to do with it. That type of convergence in one organization can only lead to great things.

Beth Luther, CHARM Coordinator

Why is TIN inspiring to you? This is Noteworthy is inspiring to me because I get to see first hand how we are making a difference in peoples lives. CHARM works to give healthcare to musicians that would not be able to obtain healthcare on their own.
What is most fun to you? Music brings people together when everything else fails. The very essence of music causes people to think, feel, and move like others around them. Music is a force that brings people together and allows them to connect emotionally and physically regardless of differences.

Natasha Balarezo, Social Media Coordinator

Why is TIN inspiring? Sounds cheesy but the students faces and reactions when we collective talk about future projects and what they’ll be learning to do. The excitement and how they feed off each other. That really makes it all worth it.
How do you feel music connects the world? Music evokes emotion and we are emotional creatures. Any harmony/melody/lyrics can trigger a case of the feels in thousands of people that would otherwise not have a single thing in common. Its a beautiful thing, that music.